Congratulations to Sichuan Coremer Materials Co., Ltd. 2019 "Winning the Year of the Pig, Creating Brilliance" Annual Meeting Ceremony and Awarding Ceremony Successfully Completed

How time flies, the busy 2018 has passed, and the expectant 2019 year has come to us. In the new year, new goals and hopes were born. On Jan. 25th, Sichuan Coremer Materials Co., Ltd. 2019 "Winning the Year of the Pig and Creating Brilliance" Annual Meeting Ceremony and Awarding Ceremony was held in Mianyang Kefa Convention and Exhibition Hotel. All employees of the company attended the event, Li Shaoxi, Chairman of Sichuan Coremer Materials Co., Ltd., Wang Zhi, Deputy GM of Mianyang Huidong Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Huang Kang, President of Science and Education Entrepreneurship Park Branch of Mianyang Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., and Yang Junxiao, a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Southwest University of Science and Technology, and other guests came to the scene!



At the beginning of the conference, GM Mr. Yang Kebin came on stage to deliver the GM's work report. Mr. Yang summarized the work achievements in 2018 from the aspects of product development, sales, manufacturing and management, and looked forward to 2019 to clarify the company's business objectives and direction in 2019.



Then, the conference commended outstanding individuals and collectives in 2018. 10 colleagues including Cao Yijun, Wang Gang and Li Daixiong won the Outstanding Staff Award. Liang Quancai, Huang Jin, Wang Wenbin and Li Zhihui were awarded the Advanced Individual Award. The "Phenyl Silicone Biosynthesis Pilot Amplification Technology Research Project" won the Excellent Project Award, and the General Materials Division and the Military Products Division won the Advanced Collective Award!



Subsequently, the conference held a ceremony to sign the target responsibility statement. Deputy GM Tao Yong and the Deputy Director of Sales & GM of the Military Products Division Zhang Yihong, General Materials Division Feng Zhiqiang and GM Assistant Xiong Xin signed a target responsibility statement. The signing of the target responsibility statement clarified the goal of all employees in 2019, and also encouraged morale. We believe that with the joint efforts of all our employees, we will be able to successfully complete the 2019 indicators.

Then, Chairman Li Shaoxi delivered an important speech and expressed his affirmation and congratulations on the company's outstanding achievements in 2018. At the same time, he also expressed deep expectations for the development of leaps and bounds in 2019.



Finally, a literary performance selected by various departments officially kicked off. This literary performance is diverse and colorful. Dances, songs, cross talks, essays, collective chorus and so on, applause has come and gone, and has been highly praised by the leaders, guests and all staff present! 



After the end of the literary performance, all the staff of Coremer Materials took a group photo and announced that the Sichuan Coremer Material Co., Ltd. 2019 "Winning the Year of the Pig, Creating Brilliance" Annual Meeting Ceremony and Awarding Ceremony Successfully Completed!


2019年1月26日 10:35
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