Congratulations to GM Mr. Yang Kebin for his "2016 Mianyang Excellent Entrepreneur"

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On Jun. 30, 2017, a very nice day, Mianyang City Enterprise Association and Mianyang City Entrepreneur Association held the "2016 Mianyang Excellent Entrepreneur" commendation event in Mianyang 3536 Industry Co., Ltd.. Luo Zongzhi, Deputy Mayor of Mianyang Municipal Government, Deputy Secretary-general Long Jialin, Han Xiaoqing, Director of the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, Deputy Director Zhao Xiangyang came to the scene, and awarded medals to award-winning entrepreneurs such as GM Mr. Yang Kebin of our company.



The "2016 Mianyang Excellent Entrepreneur" selection is based on the "Implementation of Innovative Entrepreneur Training Program" and the deployment of the Provincial Enterprise Alliance, and is organized by the Mianyang City Enterprise Association and the Mianyang City Entrepreneur Association. It aims to create a group of outstanding enterprises that promote the new leap-forward development of the city's economy and play a leading role, and encourage entrepreneurs to work hard, scientifically manage, and be brave in innovation, and contribute to building a harmonious enterprise and realizing the Chinese Dream.



The event was launched in Mianyang City and all districts and counties in Dec. 2016, which lasted nearly 7 months and was attended by various economic departments, taxation and environmental protection departments. GM Mr. Yang Kebin stood out from nearly 100 candidates by virtue of his outstanding business performance in recent years and the good economic and social benefits created for the locality. He was awarded the Excellent Entrepreneur of the year together with other 18 elites including Jia Biming, Chairman of Kyushu Satellite, Li Xiuping, GM of Changhong Molding , Zhao Xianzheng, GM of Dongchen Group and Zhang Yi, GM of Mianyang Gas Group.



The company will take this opportunity to call on employees to learn GM Mr. Yang Kebin's spirit of forging ahead and making great efforts, and strive to make contributions in their respective positions and work together to create a better future!


2017年7月1日 11:05
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